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Longtan lake

ROC > Taiwan Province > Jiaoxi Township

Longtan lake, 環湖道路, 龍潭村, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, Taiwan Province, 26244, ROC

Average elevation: 79 m

Chengcing Lake

ROC > Kaohsiung > Buzhanyuan

Chengcing Lake, 九曲橋, Sancongzhu, 鳥松里, Buzhanyuan, Niaosong, Kaohsiung, 833, ROC

Average elevation: 21 m

Yilan County

ROC > Taiwan Province

Yilan County, Taiwan Province, ROC

Average elevation: 472 m

New Taipei


New Taipei, Banqiao District, New Taipei, 22065, ROC

Average elevation: 183 m



Tainan, ROC

Average elevation: 24 m

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