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Name: Navsari topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Navsari, Navsari Taluka, Navsari District, Gujarat, 396400, India (20.79241 72.77238 21.11241 73.09238)

Average elevation: 14 m

Minimum elevation: -2 m

Maximum elevation: 45 m

Navsari is located at 20°57′N 72°56′E / 20.95°N 72.93°E / 20.95; 72.93. It has an average elevation of 9 metres or 30 feet above sea level. The city is located in southern Gujarat and is situated near the Purna River, within a few kilometers of the river's delta, which is west of the city and empties into the Gulf of Khambhat. The weather in Navsari is sunny from October to May, and rainy from June to September. The average maximum and minimum temperatures are 42 °C (107.6 °F) and 17 °C (62.6 °F) respectively. The average annual rainfall is 122 cm (48 in).

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