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Name: Burao topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Burao, Burao District, Togdheer, Somaliland, Somalia (9.36776 45.37811 9.68776 45.69811)

Average elevation: 1,051 m

Minimum elevation: 945 m

Maximum elevation: 1,171 m

Weather in Burao, much like other inland towns in Somaliland, is very warm to hot and dry year-round. The city has a hot arid climate (Köppen BWh) in common with most of Somalia, although Burao's weather is moderated by altitude. The average daytime temperatures during the summer months of June and August can rise to 31 °C or 87.8 °F, with a low of 20 °C or 68 °F at night. The weather is cooler the rest of the year, averaging 27 °C or 80.6 °F during the day and 13 °C or 55.4 °F at nighttime. The city's limited rainfall of 222 millimetres or 9 inches usually comes with two peaks during April–May and October–November.

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Somalia > Togdheer > Burao District

Togdheer, Burao District, Togdheer, Somaliland, Somalia

Average elevation: 930 m