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Name: Vagamon topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Vagamon, Peerumade, Idukki District, Kerala, 685503, India (9.64860 76.86686 9.72860 76.94686)

Average elevation: 866 m

Minimum elevation: 179 m

Maximum elevation: 1,190 m

Vagamon, due to its elevation and climate, has a unique ecosystem, leading to the emergence of rich natural vegetation, plant species, shola forests etc. From the early 20th century plantation grew crops like tea and coffee. Vagamon hills are home to less explored flora and fauna. A diversity study conducted by Dr Pratheesh Mathew recorded 112 species of moths from 16 families under eight superfamilies and has become the prominent faunal diversity study in this area. The author also recorded sightings of many species of insects, annelids, amphibians, lizards, snakes, birds and mammals. A wide variety of flowering and non-flowering plants, including rare Cycas species, has also been noted. The ongoing faunal and floral surveys are expected to shed light on the richness of biodiversity at this location. The flourishing tourism and related developments are predicted to have a negative impact on the flora and fauna of this region.

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