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Name: Oyama topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Oyama, Sunto County, Shizuoka Prefecture, Chubu Region, Japan (35.28489 138.73021 35.40518 139.01901)

Average elevation: 737 m

Minimum elevation: 95 m

Maximum elevation: 1,722 m

Oyama is located in the far northeastern corner of Shizuoka Prefecture, bordering on Yamanashi and Kanagawa Prefectures. Located in between the Tanzawa Mountains and the foothills of Mount Fuji, the town has an average altitude of 800 meters, and has a cool climate with heavy rainfall. Some 65% of the town is covered in forest.

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Mount Fuji

Japan > Sunto County

Mount Fuji, Oyama, Sunto County, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Average elevation: 3,261 m